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When we started this business we wanted to be the niche in an industry we didn’t see having what we wanted as customers. We wanted a reliable professional service for junk removal. Our services include all kinds of junk removal including junk removal itself, construction trash, appliance disposal, furniture disposal, mattress disposal and scrap metal. When our clients are sick of having certain things about their home and yard they need to get rid of them. That is when they call us. We do these jobs and we get them done fast.  Our reputation for being great hard workers that were respectful gained us a lot of trust and a great following. We have clients and we have repeat clients and we have those one off customers that heard about us from somebody. That is Atlanta for ya though, and boy are we grateful to be based out of here.

We are originally from Georgia, and we were raised in Atlanta. We are home here and our services are for the clients that we have served the most here. Custom created we cover everything that we could imagine a citizen of Atlanta would look for in a junk removal business. When we work for you we make sure that everything you need to be taken away is taken away so you get the peace of mind you deserve. Extra rotting pieces of furniture, scrap metal, gross mattresses all tug at your serenity when in your home. That is why it is imperative for you to call our service and get these things taken care of as soon as possible.

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