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Bright shiny fresh new metal tings of appliances of just bought appliances are like music ringing throughout your home. You are getting better functioning appliances is lifting up the standard of your life. As you are plugging them in for the first time, and setting them up, you are tossing out their packaging and… squeezing around the old appliances now in the middle of the hallway unplugged not doing a thing. This is where we help you like batman and robin to steal away the bad things in your life, except we get paid to do it. Need appliance disposal & removal in Atlanta? Just call us!

Air Conditioner Disposal

That one went quickly. You had it may be only a couple summers and had to cut a hole in the wall to install it. Getting rid of it is probably freeing yourself of some ragged curse you breathed in every time you turned it on. Welcome to your new air-conditioner. Your place is going to be like a mountain breeze and your old air-conditioner? What are you going to do with it? We know. It is going to be picked up by our appliance disposal and furniture disposal crew and properly disposed of, rather than hanging out in your space for far too long until it is in the corner of some closet.

Stove Removal

When all the elements on the stove are burned out and anytime you bake something it sets it on fire it is time to rid yourself of that hell starter. Good-Bye dangerous stove and Hello perfectly cooked breakfast lunch and dinner with the new stove. Once the new stove has arrived, or the new to you stove the old one lingering around your place can become a hazard. You don’t want children playing with it or animals living it. It is also unsightly and lowers the value of your property so it is best to get rid of it.

Refrigerator Pick Up Atlanta

The old fridge & refrigerator are a mess. Get rid of them as soon as you can. When you have old fridges lying around they are a hazard and they look awful. There will be rust with the thawing and there are too many chambers for animals to move into or children to get stuck in. When you have an old fridge lying around it is your absolute best interest to rid yourself of it as soon as you can. All it takes is a simple phone call to us for refrigerator pick up in Atlanta.

Washer and Dryer Removal

Again it is so exciting to get a new washer and dryer.  A new washer and dryer really do change your life.  Having clothes properly cleaned that can be dried and ready for you to wear in an hour rather than three or four hours later makes an impact.  A working washer and dryer rather than even just switching up your life so your clothes don’t get ruined also makes a difference. Yet that old washer and dryer does really have to go. Washers and driers have locks in them and no one wants any little neighborhood kiddies playing in there. When you need to get your washer or dryer out of your place or off your property call us.

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