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Junk Removal Atlanta- About

It began the way it always begins. We were removing furniture from a friend’s apartment who couldn’t get it down the stairs, and had no vehicle to take it to the dump. We then both did it for various family members, taking away an old refrigerator that was in backyard for far too long, gathering the scrap metal off the front yard. Finally we needed our own mattresses picked up and properly disposed of, but couldn’t find a legitimate service that we wanted to use. So we looked more in Georgia and other states. When anything came across let us down we would to another state. We began to get a model of what kind of junk removal entrepreneurship we would want to pursue. The professionalism we were wishing for wasn’t present,  o we decided that we would become that professionalism and fill the gap.

Our intentions with this company are to provide the people of Atlanta a professional junk removal Atlanta that is both dependable, and fast. When we got into this business we knew we needed to have good phones so we could talk to one another and or to other clients. We got our vans tuned up and we then got our safety procedures in order.  Then that was it. We were fully operational and doing great business in a day. We begin to get stretched a little thin for the work though, so we had to hire more employees. And there you have it. That as how we started.

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